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The Ban of the high denomination notes on the eve of 9th November came as a shock wave for the entire nation despite the fact of having black money or not. If we look back at the history this is not the first time that it has happened. The situation was very similar. The then PM even belonged to the state of Gujarat, PM Morarji Desai who had decided on the ban of 1000, 5000 and 10,000 rupee notes. People might feel, 10000 must be a joke but it was there back in the year 1978 though printed in 1938. It’s even more surprising to know that the then governor of RBI was Mr. I.G. Patel in contrast to our new RBI governor Mr. Urjit Patel. So much is common, though people are not much aware of it.

Now coming back to where I was, this news came so suddenly that people didn’t have much time to think or decide. This was not at all a sudden decision if we have a close look at all the changes that have taken place from the time Narendra Modi has taken up his seat as the Prime Minister. It began at the time when people were being asked to open bank accounts even in the rural backward areas. It was ensured that their accounts would remain active even if optimum amount of money was not available. Next was the urge to offer the aadhar cards, then linking it to the bank accounts and finally the news of demonetization. We the public are so involved in our daily life that we failed to see the minute changes and the future result of it.

I feel everyone has equally faced the consequences but they have eventually responded in a positive manner by supporting their PM in his decision to end this corruption and stop the flow of black money. At the same time I do differ to these changes because when you make a change you are equally responsible to make it comfortable for the public to face the consequences. The banks and ATMs remained closed for one entire day, but people still accepted with the hope that it would get regularized after that. It was just yesterday I have seen people howling for money because they didn’t have at least that much amount necessary as their daily allowance. The banks were open till six in the evening but it wasn’t a weekend that everyone could visit the bank. Then again the ATMs remained closed for one more day some that were open were out of money and in the others there was server problem. The rage in their faces was apparently visible and you could easily draw a conclusion that if this continues for one more day I don’t think so the ATMs would be in a condition they are in now. The PM needs to know what the nation is facing, more importantly the tourists who are here have already exchanged their dollars and they are only left with the big old notes. No food, no change nothing. In a country that says “Atithi Devo Bhabha” is this how you treat your tourists. Questions are many, answers are none. Whom to ask? I don’t have a grudge against anyone but it’s simply what I feel. Changes are good and they are inevitable, so are its consequences but if you are in a position which makes you answerable, you must create the preventive measures accordingly so that your people don’t lose faith in you.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made every one surprised with a move on Tuesday to ban the largest currency notes starting the next morning. It was taken in action to resist the flow of corrupted money. The announcement was made on national television and as a consequence an immediate disorder took place across the whole country. Tuesday night all the ATMs around the country were found to be overran with people. They are trying to complete their transaction by exchanging and depositing old money. In front of all the ATMs hundreds of people was standing in a queue. It was also announced that the banned money will still work in hospital, airline tickets and in railway for 72 hours. I think it is one of the boldest actions taken by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. He announced up to 31st December all the people will be able to deposit their old cash of 500/- and 1000/- in Banks. It will be inconvenient and disruptive but it will really help to free our country from corruption. It is a very good action of anti-corruption. The currency was under discussion but no-one expected such a bold decision. This decision was kept hidden so that no black money holder would get a chance to be alert. Those people will come under investigation of police who will be found to deposit more than 2.5 Lakh rupees. I also expect the flow of black money will be stopped. Even now some sacks full of black money were found in a pile of garbage as the holder of that money has thrown them because it has no use anymore. Mr. Modi also mentioned about the inconveniences in his speech but I think it is acceptable for the improvement in currency and for the step against corruption in our country. Honest citizens will face some temporary hardships but we are ready to sacrifice and face any difficulties for the benefit of our country. Some people are raising their voice in against of this action as they are demanding that he should have given some time so that this problems were reduced but I think if time were given then all the black money holder would have spread their money in the market and the sufferer would be some honest people. Apart from all the temporary inconveniences and hardships, India is going to be free from black money. So I am personally very happy with this “Modi”-fication.

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