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The recent news on the ban of 500 and 1000 rupee notes went like a shockwave among the public irrespective of the colour of the money they owned. The decision was so sudden that its effect was severe but on a good note this has been for the betterment of the country and we the Indians know it. People are facing problems in exchanging, withdrawing and depositing money but they know all of it is temporary and is meant for a much bigger cause. The decision that came on the night of 9/11 has supposedly had a similar effect like that of the incident associated with it. The Prime Minister’s sole initiative in eradicating the cancerous effect of black money has been welcomed by the majority. People feel that this change was necessary just to clean the nation and develop a brighter tomorrow for our upcoming generations. The stagnation of money, distribution of fake notes followed by accumulation of huge sums of black money in the public hands resulting in the downfall of Indian economy has been one of the major reasons for this decision. The decision that apparently looks sudden is not so when observed closely. It had been planned earlier but it’s just these that the people didn’t notice it and it came like a bolt from the blue for them. With the passage of time people are getting well accustomed to it and some have given their views in favour of the decision. People standing in long queues outside ATM counters have at times presented their grudges against the decision saying that this has caused immense harassment for the public and for the entire nation which went without cash for almost a week. Again for instance there were people who have said that this pain is minimum if compared to the future betterment of the nation. This website as the name suggests is actually based on this issue of banning of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes and this is a blog page which has been designed to welcome all such blog posts which are related to this. You are requested to share your views with us on this sudden change. Your posts and comments are of high value to us and we look forward to them. So keep blogging and keep posting.

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